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ArtBombing is all about making art public and this site is a celebration of street art: through yarn bombing  (knit or crochet graffiti), postering, and on-site installations.  The aim of this project is to bring art closer to the public, to bring a little fun and whimsy into people’s lives, and to make them think.

The City of Calgary’s definition of graffiti is: ‘Graffiti’ means words, figures, letters, drawings, or stickers applied, scribbled, scratched, etched, sprayed or attached on or to a surface’.

However, Calgary needs more visual stimulation and we are working within (and on the edge of!) this definition. With respect to private property, public property is open to use…

I would like to thank Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain, the women who wrote ‘Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti’. The book inspired me to start doing this.

We are a small collective of crocheters/artists who go by the handle ‘Happy Hookers’ and have been active since 2010.

For an article about us: Calgary Metro April 29th, page 16



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  1. gig coleman said, on February 15, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    I have made 2 very different projects, shipping them tomorrow. Hoping to see picts of installation. Love this bombing stuff. If I get time maybe I will try and do some here in Apple Valley USA.

  2. […] grab my camera. I did some google research when I got home and discovered that Calgary has a "Art Bomber" (who knew?) and inspired by the Yarn Bomber (once again, who knew!!) worked with the Happy Hookers […]

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